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Objectif de la caméra vidéo

Thibaut Ramambason

Specialized Senior Production Manager in entertainment and the documentary

Magazine, report, entertainment... Thibaut is a real jack-of-all-trades.


His career in audiovisual and production began in 2005. From "C'est off" to "Crimes", passing through the themed bonuses of "Touche pas à mon poste!", not forgetting "On n'est pas couché”, “Dilemma” or even “La Chanson Secrète”…


Thibaut is familiar with the French audiovisual sector and its secrets. He has collaborated with TF1, M6, France Télévisions, and the Canal+ group. ​


As part of his role at a communication school (EFAP), Thibaut teaches production courses. He also gives lectures at SupdeProd.

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Objectif de la caméra vidéo

Clément Bonneau

Specialized Senior Production Manager in entertainment and institutional

After five years of specialized studies in audiovisual production at the University of Valenciennes, Clement joined H2O Productions, founded by Cyril Hanouna. ​


He works for the programs "CQFD: What it was necessary to divert", "Le Gros Show", "La Grosse Charriade", "La Grande Rassrah" as well as certain variants of "Touche pas à mon poste!" broadcast in prime time on C8.


With this enriching experience, Clement excels in the production of corporate films, hidden cameras, and trailers.

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